Why did Corona Happen? Analysis from a Psychological Perspective

Why did Coronavirus happen? In fact, why do all calamities happen? There was no such hint or any kind of threat for any virus like this. Then how on earth did this virus happen and not only that but its magnitude kept on rising to a level where the scientists had to finally raise their hands and say, “WE HAVE NO SOLUTION FOR THIS!” It is indeed very embarrassing that the best of brains all over the world could not yet find medicine to cure this disease.

But again let us come back to the point. Why do such calamities happen? Let us think from a broader perspective. We are all parts of nature. But first of all, we need to understand what is nature? Let us consider nature as the combined composition which constitutes mankind, atoms, molecules, animals, etc. It is a combined sum of all the things, be it living or non-living. All such things generate energy which can be considered natural. Now if laws of nature are obeyed, then it will generate positive energy and there will be no scope for such calamities to happen. But what are the laws of nature and how we can follow them? When we say that nature is a composition of all things, whether they are living or non-living, then there is no way non-living things can obey or violate such laws. It is simply because nobody is gifted with powers to think, analyze, and then act apart from humans because they are blessed with intelligence. The birds and animals cannot analyze the laws and verify them whether they are correct or not and live in accordance with them.

So, the whole responsibility for maintaining the energies positive and divine lies in the hands of humans. But for this humans have to first understand the basic laws of nature and make sure that they do not fiddle with them. Let us compare the life of man right now in 2020 with that of people in 1520. That is around 500 years back. People during that time would have lived a very basic life. There would have been no such thing as money but they would have definitely found methods to arrange for their food, clothing, and shelter. Life was very lean during that time and there was no scope or even knowledge of doing unethical things. People lived in villages without any amenities or technology. They lived near the forests, in the company of animals, under the shelter of the trees.

But gradually men realized that there is much more which could be done to improve our methods of living. They came to know, maybe, unfortunately, that they have wonderful brains using which they can achieve almost anything. This led first to the invention of money to make an exchange of things easier and later technology to make life more comfortable. Things definitely became easier and all was fine till man started to become greedy with more expectations for money and luxurious. Thus began the violations of nature. The man started to fiddle with the environment by cutting trees, he found unethical means to exploit the poor and take away their wealth, he began to destroy himself by getting carried away by technology.

The equilibrium of nature had gradually begun to get disturbed. The sum total of the combined energies of man, animals, environment, and other non-living things began to gradually become negative and filthy. This led to numerous calamities like earthquakes, cyclones, floods, famine, and the sudden eruption of such viruses. Some people say that this virus is the result of some people consuming the uncooked flesh of animals. There have been numerous videos in the past of people consuming living animals without cooking them. Is taking the life of animals a part of nature? There are a lot of people who consume a non-vegetarian diet but even if it is permissible by nature, it has to be cooked properly and consumed with a degree of serenity.

Forests and trees are an integral part of nature and they play a major role in maintaining the equilibrium of the environment. So what is the reason for cutting the trees and building multiplexes in the barren land? By violating such laws, a man begins to complain that there is global warming. The unevenness of the weather is also a clear example of this. There is no fixed cycle for different seasons in the year be it summer or winter or monsoon. There have been unpredictable variations to it. It has started to rain in the summer and suddenly it becomes hot in winter resulting in a huge loss for the farmers. It is much safer that whenever we go outside we should keep a cap with us to overcome hot weather, an umbrella with us if it suddenly begins to rain and also a warm sweater if it the environment becomes cold. What can the scientists do for such variations but raise their hands and again say, “WE HAVE NO SOLUTION FOR THIS!”

All the calamities will continue to happen till man begins to go backward by cutting down his needs, consuming a good diet comprising of food grains and vegetables, and reducing the use of technology. This virus will surely increase in proportion and will shock mankind but eventually, it will be controlled by the combined efforts of people. But it will surely not be the final calamity. It will just be one in the chain of other calamities that are waiting to happen. Again this virus is a very important example for whole mankind because it has not just disturbed a section of the world but it has affected different parts of the universe. It is a real eye-opener for man to realize that the laws of nature are being disobeyed by people in the whole world and it is not just restricted to certain sections of the society.

Nature is indeed like a child who keeps on tolerating the behavior of his elder brother but finally tells him to STOP IT. Nature also has had enough. It will not be able to tolerate too many violations by man as the intrusions are gradually going beyond the limit. The balance is definitely getting disturbed. The number of negative energies has clearly surpassed the positive energies of nature. There is a bank balance in nature. But the withdrawal of positive energies has been almost done and there is no buffer left.

The situation has indeed reached a level where it may be just enough of violations of nature and the earth with all the living and non-living beings will be finally destroyed in the next 2-3 decades and there will be frequent calamities like this which will happen during that time. However, if a man takes the responsibility upon his shoulders and him along with his brethren makes sincere efforts to make this earth a better place to live and if laws of nature are obeyed there is surely a ray of hope. But things are definitely not looking good and action has to be taken immediately.

Taking the example of Corona, sincere efforts need to take as far as consuming food is concerned and we need to go backward and stick to a simple and vegetarian diet. And what is the future of this virus? Will this virus stay or eventually get destroyed and overcome by man and how many more lives it will take along with it?

It will take away lives for sure, it will destroy the economies of the world but it would be surely overcome as a man with the unlimited capacities of his brain continues to do more research in the lab. But there is no need to rejoice even if a solution is found for this virus because it will not be a permanent solution. It would be a temporary fix for all such calamities which are waiting to unfold unless man makes sincere efforts to change his methods of living and live in accordance with the laws designed by nature.

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