Why there are so many advertisements on television or mobiles and what are the dangers of it?

Everybody looks for entertainment when they switch on their television(idiot box) or their smartphones(Smart!!). But nobody loves irritating advertisements which are played every few minutes. Many people even wonder why there are so many advertisements during their favorite soaps or movies. But if there were no ads, there would be no movies. It is through the money generated by these ads, the sportsman or the artists are paid and in return, we get entertainment out of it.

There are separate departments for advertisements and marketing for different companies as well as election parties. They design advertisements in such a manner that the person viewing those ads become hypnotized by it and he forces himself to buy it. You will be surprised that there are specialized graduations in the field of marketing and advertisements by reputed universities. The budget allocated for these departments is very huge. Probably the cost of the products we buy would be reduced to half if money was not spent on advertisements.

But so far so good! We get entertainment and the owners make money through these ads. But the most dangerous thing is the kind of effect which these advertisements have on us. When we are using certain apps and we click on some advertisements out of curiosity, that data is captured in one way or another. That is primarily the reason why most of the apps these days require you to share your credentials especially your emails and mobile numbers.

Now once this data is captured at someplace and that data is circulated and most of the time sold to all the business companies. They identify the things you are curious about and all the e-commerce sites of the relevant products will start showing ads on your mobiles in different apps. You might be wondering how on earth did the product you searched on one site, the same kind of products is being displayed on some other site. Now, this is very very dangerous. What is in fact happening is that a virtual world is created near you and it is trying to lure you towards it?

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram have always been under the scanner for capturing our personal data. You can easily find it out by searching for certain products on one website and you will be shown such products regularly. On YouTube, too you would have already experienced the same thing. Suppose you watch a video of a certain type, like “What are the best microphones?”. Now that data is stored at different places, in your computer or at any other place and you will be regularly shown microphone videos when you log in to YouTube.

So you might ask, What are the dangers of it? If we can get relevant things which we like, then it will save time. But the fact is that if you want to buy a certain thing and if you go to a shop then you will select one product and the chapter would be closed at that point. But what happens in the virtual world is that we start watching videos or ads and we get so many options that we start becoming confused. We start reading reviews, comments, and browse different e-commerce sites. We start exploring one area in the virtual world, but we end up exploring multiple other areas. Sometimes we end up purchasing more things than we want and at times we end up buying totally different things we want.

Many of the reviews of the products are fake and are paid to attract customers. But it is not just about the products, but the bigger problem is the virtual world will have a negative impact on our physical as well as mental levels. By scanning too many options and spending too much time on social media we end up getting stressed and depressed.

We have discussed the dangers and now it is time to think if there is any solution to it. Surprisingly there is no other solution to it apart from reducing spending time on television or mobiles. Allocate a certain times of the day for television or mobile and follow it religiously. Be very clear about what you want to buy and take proper and rational decisions. It will be better if you track the time you spend on television or mobiles for the next few days and you will be surprised how much time you end us wasting on useless stuff.

If you can afford, try buying some plans where you can pay a little money so you don’t have to watch the advertisements. Also, avoid sharing your personal information like mobile numbers or email addresses to different apps or websites.

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