Without these 3 qualities, you will never succeed, PATIENCE, PERSEVERANCE, AND …

“Everybody wants to be successful but very few are ready to follow the rules!”

We don’t follow the rules and then someday, later in our life, we feel, “I WISH I HAD FOLLOWED THESE RULES!” but then it becomes too late. The rules are the most simple to speak, a little difficult to understand but highly difficult to bring into practice. The problem is that there are 3 qualities which we need to inculcate in us, not just one. Any quality out of three, if found missing, will only delay the outcome which we wish to accomplish. What are they? Patience, Perseverance, and Will Power. Now let us imagine a situation where a boy is in 12th Grade and he wants to become a doctor. We will understand how these qualities will help him achieve his goal and which are the things that will prove as roadblocks.

He is around 17-18 years old and if things go smoothly, he will become a doctor at 22-23 years of age. That means there are good 4-5 years left in achieving his goal. The first thing he will need to understand is, “THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS TO SUCCESS!” 5 years means more than 1800 days and more than 1 lac hours. He has to be patient for 1800 hours without being too anxious, too comfortable, or too stressed. Another important quality for him is to stick to his goal and keep working hard till he achieves his goal. It is pure hard work and not looking back for all the time. There will be moments when he will become overwhelmed because he has decided to pursue a path that requires so much hard work. But he cannot look back.

When he feels tired or fatigued or like giving up, the quality of WILL POWER will come into place. He is patient, he is ready to work hard and persevere, but now he begins to doubt himself. At that point, he has to use his WILL POWER muscle. It is his WILL POWER that will take him across that 1800 hour challenge. He will have to inspire himself by looking at all the successful people and the path they had followed and also the existing doctors who would have already surpassed that challenge.

If he lacks any of these qualities, he will not be able to achieve his dream of becoming a doctor. But if a person who is a little less intelligent than him, if that bloke adopts these qualities, he will have a better chance to become a doctor.

There will always be a point in our life, when we feel like giving up, we feel we can’t take any more. We feel like quitting, that is in fact what separates winners from the average performers. If you are reading a book and you feel tired and feel like closing the book, during those sensitive moments if you can convince yourself to stick to your reading for that extra time, it will separate you from thousands who would have shut their books down.

The Einsteins, the Edisons, the Newtons, they maintained their intensity, held their nerves during those moments when many others’ gave up and they did which nobody would even dare to. Who knows! They might have surpassed their own expectations. Every little task you do, will take you closer to your destination. But these tasks, however small, will have to regular, proper and disciplined.

All the great and successful people had the qualities of PATIENCE, PERSEVERANCE AND WILL POWER built in them or they worked very hard and developed it into them. Albert Einstein or Edison or Neuton would have remained patient when they were not able to invent or discovere anything new. They persevered, they kept the hunger and because of their power WILL POWER muscle they became what they wanted to become. In fact, they might have exceeded their expecations.

Successful people don’t label their work as boring or repetitive and make excuses for giving up. They do their workday in and day out and never gives up. They don’t expect overnight success. They keep on accumulating knowledge, little at a time, and cumulatively, over a period of time, it becomes of gigantic proportions.

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